RemoteNow Club - Your Eureka Lives Here!

For whom?

You enjoy your job and your life. Yet sometimes, you feel the urge to turn your back on your surroundings. Not to ignore or withdraw, but to step away for a moment. To discover something new, to meet fascinating people, to listen to both silence and others' experiences, to wander and ignite your Eureka moments! Then to return, stay on course, and bring your ideas to life.

Creativity Trail

The value 

We create a world together where Eureka moments can be almost ordered. You take a break, come here, participate in a club event, and meet incredible people. You laugh. You forget to check the time while sharing and listening to stories.


The companionship and the right environment are essential. The events vary, but always include sharing experiences and joint activities—whether it's canoeing in a bog, wild swimming, wine tasting, a cooking experience, a movie night, or sharing reading experiences. And of course, plenty of time just to be here, on the shore of a deep bog lake. Eureka is not just a moment – it is a path we all walk together. Research shows that diversifying your experiences, meeting new people, traveling to new places, trying new things, etc., broadens your thinking and helps you find new and innovative solutions.

Why join?

As a member:

  • You will always be the first to know about our new events – not all events may reach public sale.
  • You will have "secret accommodation" for major events in South Estonia or just for a vacation.
  • You will have a great remote work office by the bog lake.

Membership does not bring any additional obligations – you only pay for the club events and services you participate in and use.

By using the promo code received upon joining, you get a booking advantage and always the best prices!

To join the club, fill out the form below and we will contact you.


How can I find out about club events?

As a club member, you will be among the first to receive notifications directly to your email.

I don't live in Estonia; is it worth joining?

Of course, it is worth it - we organize international events several times a year and always notify well in advance.