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Are you looking to offer unique and immersive travel experiences to your customers? We invite you to partner with us to develop and sell exclusive packages that showcase the best our region has to offer.

Who We Are

Workation and wild swimming in estonmia
We are Indrek and Liina. We bought an abandoned farm fourteen years ago to create the world's best workation destination. Designed for a seamless blend of work and leisure, our place fosters moments of inspiration. This isn’t a tourist attraction; it’s our home, open to guests.  Live like a local!

We are not just an accommodation provider; we have a decade-long track record of organizing successful workation camps and company offsites. 

Why Here

Our region is a true gem of inspiration, blending the traditions of six different ethnic groups: the Old Believers, Setos, Estonians, Võros, Latvians, and Russians. Experience the richness of The Onion Route, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage-listed smoke sauna, and Seto leelo singing. What would your customers like to experience?

Our Packages

Wild Swimming Retreat

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Max Participants: 15
  • Overview: Immerse yourself in the wild swimming paradise. Stay by the shore of a serene, 10-meter-deep bog lake, swim to your heart's content, and enjoy a floating sauna. Daily swims in some of Europe's darkest lakes await you. Add these unique lakes to your collection of the darkest waters in Europe. In the evenings, experience the unique local traditions with our cultural excursions.

Workation Camp

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Max Participants: 15
  • Overview: Escape the routine and city noise to focus on your work challenges. Boost your creativity on the Creativity Trail, solve problems or relax in our “loafing oasis.” Experience the balance of work and leisure, and leave with bold new ideas. Enjoy nature hikes in Emajõe Suursoo, one of the largest bogs in Estonia, fishing, berry picking, and cooking your catch. Discover local culture through excursions to the Old Believers or Seto communities, or a UNESCO Cultural Heritage-listed smoke sauna.

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