Our Story

Fourteen years ago, we bought an abandoned farm with the vision of creating the world's best workation destination.

We believe it is paradoxical that in a world where most jobs require intelligence and creativity, we don't find time for moments of eureka. That's why we're creating a world where those moments of eureka seem almost like they can be ordered. Take a break, come here, participate in a club event, and meet incredible people. Laugh. Forget about time as you share and listen to stories.

Eureka isn't just a moment – it's a journey we all take together.

We are Indrek and Liina. Our search for "eureka" began over 14 years ago when we wanted a change from city life in Tallinn and came here to the edge of Old Võrumaa.

Indre and Liina Maripuu

The previous owner sold this place because it was supposed to have bad potato soil :-). That suited us fine because we didn't want to grow potatoes anyway.

The oldest surviving written sources tell us that in the second half of the 19th century, there was a handicraft farm belonging to the local manor - the residents here supported themselves with their creativity. It's no wonder - this place is made for creativity. You feel it in the air. Do you feel it? We do.

The first thing we did was bring and refurbish an old log barn. The previous owner had built a modern barn and suggested selling the barn logs for firewood. We bought it and turned it into an event space.

We haven't polished this over 100-year-old handicraft farm to perfection. We prefer hundred-year-old log walls, appreciating the primal nature, and fitting our activities into the edge of the forest farmyard. This is real. The tranquility and silence here are real too. It gets your mind working. It feels good to be here. Suddenly you realize, there's no rush anywhere.

We've combined this peaceful environment with insights from our extensive practice and research into what kind of space fosters creativity.

The next big step was establishing a café. Initially, there was an old log barn where the café stands today, but restoring it wasn't possible. We did the same thing - found an old log building and refurbished it. It just seemed to us that the heart of the complex had to be made up of buildings with a dignified history, as our own house is old and dignified too - a building constructed according to a standard project from the 1930s.

Estonians have a special relationship with marshes and bogs. A private bog lake sparked ideas and creativity. "Let there be a village here," seemed like an ambitious idea - we put a raft and sauna on the bog lake and invited an excavator to dig drainage ditches. And we started looking for suitable mini-houses - ones that would ensure privacy (most rooms are single), while also maintaining maximum contact with nature and encouraging people to move in nature.

Now it's all waiting for you here. This isn’t a tourist attraction; it’s our home, open to guests. Live like a local!